Vacuum Thermoforming of a Costume Head for the Restaurant Industry

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CEC Costume Head
CEC Costume Head

Hagans Plastics specializes in providing up-to-date solutions for a changing industry that includes molding, thermoforming and other precision services.

For the last 20 years, Hagans Plastics has been a head above its competition, literally. It’s not every day that you get to partner with a thirty-year-old American Icon, like Chuck E. Cheese.

In June of 2012, Chuck E. Cheese launched an updated, contemporized mascot. As such, all costumes used in the more than 570 store chain would need to be updated as well. Working closely with Cowan Costumes the latest figure was created. There were some technical challenges in the manufacturing of this part. The large depth to draw, a mold actuated retractable mouth piece, a color consistent material were all items we needed to consider from a thermoforming aspect. KYDEX® T material was chosen for its consistent draw ratios. There are also parts that we injection mold such as the eyebrows that we also do in house. From a hand mock up, Hagans Plastics utilized some of the latest technology available to develop a 3D model, such as a Faro laser scanner.

Individual parts were made for thermoforming, the front of the head, the back of the head, the ears, nose and the tongue and the master pattern tooling was made in house. The parts are trimmed and some secondary processes are performed before all of the parts are sent to Cowan Costumes for assembly. We at Hagans Plastics are proud to see the final result,…(smiling and happy children).

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CEC Design
CEC Design
Chuck E. Cheese Costume Head
Chuck E. Cheese Costume Head
CEC Prototype
CEC Prototype

Vacuum Thermoforming of a Costume Head Project Highlights

Product Description
Chuck E. Cheese’s Costume Head
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Primary: Vacuum Thermoforming
Secondary: Injection Molding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Faro Laser Scanner
Deep draw, mold actuated retractable pieces
Overall Part Dimensions
20” wide x 18”tall x 15” deep, just the front of the face alone
Material Used
KYDEX® T Material
Material Finish
PK Texture
Industry for Use
Thousands over the years
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4 Weeks on normal orders
Standards Met
ISO 9001 / AS 9100
Product Name
Costume Head

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